Woodlook Pine

Woodlook Pine


Create an inviting oasis of soft, natural light. Our Light Filtering Dual Shades reduce glare and offer excellent privacy.

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Window dual shades are an innovative and versatile window treatment solution designed to offer both privacy and light control while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a living room, kitchen, or any other living space. These shades consist of two layers of fabric: a sheer or translucent layer and a solid or opaque layer. They can be operated independently or simultaneously, allowing for various levels of light filtration and privacy.

The sheer layer of the dual shades gently diffuses natural light, creating a soft, filtered ambiance within the room while maintaining a degree of privacy during the day. This layer also helps to reduce glare and UV rays, protecting furniture and flooring from sun damage.

On the other hand, the solid layer provides complete privacy and light blockage when needed, making it ideal for nighttime use or for areas where additional privacy is desired. This layer can effectively darken the room for better sleep or for watching movies without interference from outside light sources.

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 80 × 10 × 10 in
Woodlook Pine